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    Let's get your material in batteries.

  • Material Qualification with IRIDIAN

    Get Results for OEMs/Investors

    IRIDIAN provides unbiased 3rd party verified results so OEMs/investors can see your performance and believe your results. Get answers to critical questions about your materials performance early so you can ensure your material is battery-ready.

    Iterate Quickly

    IRIDIAN specializes in getting materials ready for batteries through well developed processing and testing strategies. We are able to get result through our batch qualification process within 3 weeks to help you iterate and get to a commercializable product quicker.

    Real Connections to the Industry

    With OEM partnerships and raw material manufacturers as our clients, we can serve as a matchmaker for material solutions. Through IRIDIAN and our partners, we are well experienced with what data the industry is looking for and can help you get that data.

  • What is Material Qualification?

    Material qualification is the process of qualifying material for battery use. At IRIDIAN we offer a streamlined approach to get your raw material into the hands of OEMs.


    Materials that are currently available for material qualification are natural graphite, sythentic graphite, or similar materials.  

  • Services

    Coin Cells

    ICL, reversible capacity, DCIR, basic rate capability, CE, voltage characteristics​



    When do we use them?


    Required for nearly any application.​

    Demonstrates: material is coat-able, initial electrochemical characteristics compatible with OEM needs

    Single Layer Cells

    Rate capability, capacity fade, cell resistance, refined modeling inputs, operational voltage range​


    May be required to show how material performs when paired with a standard LIB cathode. ​


    Multi-Layer Cells

    Gravimetric/volumetric energy density, form factor, application-specific cycle life, safety​


    May be required to show how the material works for specific use cases. ​


  • IRIDIAN's Streamlined Approach


    Graphite Processing

    Purification, Graphetization, Spheroidization, and Pitch Coating of material for optimal battery performance.



    Analytical Testing

    Analysis of your material before we get it into batteries including GDMS, particle size analysis, and more.


    Material Qualification

    Construction of coin cells to test basic electrochemical performance against commercial baselines.


    Pouch Cell Testing

    More advanced testing of material in pouch cells once you achieve acceptable coin cell performance.


    Introduction to OEMS

    Introduction to OEMs or any partners we have along the way that we think may be a good fit for you!

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